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My Crafts !
I am able to do many different types of craft including, folk art,
decopauge, patchwork quilting, flower arrangeing, cross stitch paper jewellery, tapestry, salt dough work, cake decorating and cooking.
I appreaciate being born with the ability as i get to make things that brighten peoples worlds.

A picture I painted by freehand, as most females I have a desire for teddy bears,
I own around 40 of them in differenting sizes, the painting was done on what is known as a milk maids stool.

A cross stitch I made for my mother as a birthday present, my mother is quite religious and was more than happy to have this hanging up on her loungeroom wall.
  Another gift for my mother a bowl that was made out of salt dough, on the sides of the bowl are little pieces of salt dough that I had made to look like pieces of wheat, with some natural wheat tied on as extra decoration.