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Aussie Slang

As most people would know in Australia we have our own saying's and ways to explain things we are doing, some of the words are Cockney English like "frog and toad" "The Road", so we could say to someone if we are going to go somewhere "we are going to hit the frog and toad, going for a drive and will be using the road.

 Our language you could say is a lazy way of saying something to people, but what it shows is the laid back and friendly type of people you are likely to find in Australia.

Some of the more common ones are:

                          G'day                Hello 
                          Bikkie                Biscuit Cookie
                          Grog                  Alchol
                          Piss                    Alchol
                          Jarmies              Pjamas
                          Snag                  Sausage
                          Dag                    Nerd
                          Tellie                  TV
                          Dunny/Loo        Toilet
                          Chook                 Chicken
                          Mozzie               Mosquito
                          Roo                     Kangaroo
                          Barbie                 Barbecue
                          Ute                     Pickup
                          Macca's              McDonalds
                          Grouse                Fantastic

Or we put everything into one sentance so its easy to say
like     howyagoinmate         how are you going friend


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